I do always look forward to my Fluid English conversation lessons


“I appreciate very much the way Todd has helped me to improve my English. With a lot of interesting topics for the lessons and with his patience and his helpful remarks during our online lessons it is always big fun studying.  I’ve definitely reached my personal goal to speak more fluently and became more confident about my speech. And all with a lot of fun. On top of it, Todd is very flexible, this was helpful to integrate my lessons in a busy schedule! Many thanks for it!”

Martina, Director, Germany  


“Todd is an excellent teacher and dialogue partner. He has a very kind and attentive way to teach. I can do nothing but confirm what the others have already written.”

Susanne, Interior Designer, Germany


“I enjoy every lesson with Todd. His knowledge of a wide range of topics and ​life experience in various countries has made him an interesting partner for conversations. I have gained confidence in speaking English over a short period.”

Arne, Businessman, Estonia


“Todd is a very good teacher, and what’s also important lovely and nice as well. All his lessons were great, really interesting and I can say that I’ve started improving my English.”

Amanda Meneguetti, Senior HR Analyst, São Paulo, Brazil


“At first I had some doubts about taking English lessons online. Having a lesson through Skype was a new experience for me. Then I took a trial lesson with Todd and decided to continue lessons with him because I enjoyed them.

I started just two months ago and I am very satisfied and pleased.  I have started speaking English more fluently. Also my confidence is increasing. Todd’s lessons are very colourful and lively. Mostly we talk about current events which make the lessons more interesting. With each lesson I am learning new words about new subjects. 

I know I have long road learning english, but Todd’s lessons are a good starting point.”

Onur Takaç, IT Analyst, Turkey


“English lessons with Todd are always fun. I’ve tried other teachers before Todd but he’s the first who fulfilled my high expectations. I can’t put into words what makes the difference but his pleasant personality relaxes me and makes me feel very comfortable, even with my poor English. I’ve gained so much self-confidence in the past few weeks that I’m now looking forward to every opportunity to speak English.”

E. Von Loeper, Director, Ratzeburg, Germany


“Finally I found an English teacher with whom I feel more comfortable.

I’ve been studying English since high school but I have never felt comfortable with my level or teachers. I understood the grammar but was not able to speak well. Now, after studying for one year with Todd, I can communicate much more effectively in English conversations and my listening comprehension is much better now too. Generally my English has improved a lot!

Todd manages our classes with funny and practical materials, including  different role plays to practise different situations. He has helped me a lot with my professional studies and preparation for work interviews in Dublin too.”

M. Bravo, Customer services, Paypal, Dublin


“I found Todd’s lessons very helpful; our meetings were always very educational. After several meetings I really noticed that my English had improved a lot. He was always very friendly, punctual and accommodating. He was also very professional.”

M. Skorski, Priest, Dublin, Ireland


“Working with Todd, to improve my English language, is a very positive experience for me. When we started our lessons, I wanted to improve my ability to make a conversation in English. I had never worked with Skype before so I was somewhat nervous. My English had become rusty over the years and so I was a little afraid too. Todd was very empathetic and he reduced my fear. He is a professional teacher with a lot of experience. He uses various resources on the Internet. He provides me with many interesting links and we then discuss the content. We also talk about everyday occurrences, political or other important events. Our conversations are lively and Todd is always patient. Todd works in a sympathetic way. It is never dull and the lessons pass by in no time. I improve my English without really noticing it. This is the best way you can identify a good teacher.

I recommend Todd to anyone, who is searching for a professional and experienced private English tutor, who is also a fine person.”

A. Duller, Life Coach, Klagenfurt, Austria


“I’m really enjoying the English lessons I’m having with Todd. It’s surely helpful to talk with a teacher who is experienced, kind and ready to help and listen. The lesson using Skype and e-mail is comfortable and through which I can actively interact with Todd, even if I live in another country. I would gladly recommend it to others !”

J. Jung, Priest and Lecturer, University of Seoul, Korea


“Working with Todd to improve my English has been one of my greatest experiences. The lessons on Skype are interesting, funny, informative and goal oriented. Todd has given me much useful help in improving my English conversation and he encourages me to practice my English at every opportunity. So, I happily look forward to putting my English into practice when I visit Canada and US this year.

Todd’s language teaching method is educational quality and motivational. He has the ability to convey knowledge within a very short time.

I would have liked to have had such a teacher during my school days !”

K. Gabesam, Physiotherapist, Klagenfurt, Austria


“I’ve been studying with Todd for a year and my English is much improved. The classes are dynamic and you learn what you need. He prepares the lesson tailor-made for you. I am really happy with him as my mentor. If I have the opportunity to go to Ireland again I’m sure that he will be my teacher”

Josemaría Navalpotro, English teacher, Madrid, Spain